Threaded Connections
TMK UP Series

TMK UP PF premium threaded connection was successfully run into the first exploration well in the Eastern Arctic

TMK UP PF is a premium T&C connection providing high gas tightness at combined loads in extended directional and horizontal wells. The connection has been repeatedly tested in accordance with the international industry standard – ISO 13679 – to the highest level of application, which is CAL IV (connection application level*). Regular commercial deliveries TMK UP PF have been performed since 2010 – during this time the connection has successfully shown itself both in onshore and offshore projects in Russia, the CIS and in non-CIS countries (Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia). The supply geography of TMK UP PF is constantly expanding.

Description of the field

Khatanga license area is located in the Eastern Arctic in the Laptev Sea. The confirmed recoverable reserves of the new field in the C1 + C2 category are estimated at more than 80 million tons of high-quality oil. Geological reserves are estimated at 298 million tons of oil. Navigation in the field area lasts about 2 months a year.

Drilling conditions

In 2017, the first exploratory well, Tsentralno-Olginskaya-1, was drilled in the field. Drilling was carried out from the shore under the water of the Laptev Sea. Difficult drilling conditions required reliable and proven equipment, including casing pipes with TMK UP PF premium connection, capable of withstanding significant combined loads while maintaining gas tightness. The connection was supplied with a GREENWELL dry dope free coating, which reduces the environmental impact and increases the reliability of the drilling operation by eliminating the human factor when removing preservation grease and applying thread sealing compound. The policy for applying a dry lubricant in offshore fields is a prerequisite for most projects. During the construction of the well, a casing string with a diameter of 177.8 mm and a wall thickness of 9.19, N80, in the interval of 2110 – 4302 mm (bottom hole) was used.


The run of the 177.8 x 9.19 mm TMK UP PF GW string was carried out under the supervision of TMK supervisors using a hydraulic tong. The tightness and correct assembly were monitored with recording the moment on the make-up diagrams. The average speed of running was 16 pipes per hour. The assembly speed of one connection was 45 seconds. The total number of pipes run in hole was 232 pieces. Testing results confirmed the tightness of the string.


Ensuring tightness of 178 mm pipe string under combined loads and bending.


- Supply of Ø177.8 × 9.19 mm pipe with TMK UP PF GREENWELL premium connection


- The pipe string is tight. Number of pipes, which were run downhole – 232 pieces. The speed of running – 16 pipes per hour.

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