Threaded Connections
TMK UP Series

Premium tubing with TMK UP PF connection were successfully applied for multi-stage fracturing in the field in Western Siberia

TMK UP PF is a premium tubing and casing connection, which allows working under conditions of increased combined loads, under the influence of high gas pressure and aggressive environments, in conditions, where standard solutions are not suitable. The same as for casing pipes, TMK UP PF tubing connections provide high gas tightness in tough operating conditions, which is confirmed by tests in accordance with ISO 13679 (passed CAL IV).

Description of the field

The field belongs to the basin of Western Siberia; it is average in terms of reserves. It is multilayer and is characterized by a complex geological structure: the Lower Cretaceous deposits of the Sangopayskaya, Sortymskaya formations, the Middle Upper Jurassic deposits of the Vasyuganskaya and Tyumenskaya formations are recognized as oil and gas bearing beds. Oil deposits were discovered in eight layers; the field itself was commissioned in 1987. Initial recoverable oil reserves of A + B + C category are about 12.7 million tons; C2 - 1.5 million tons. Since the start of development, more than 4 million tons of oil and 270 billion cubic meters of gas have been produced.

Conditions of use

88.9 x 6.45 mm P110 TMK UP PF tubing was run into wells with a J-shaped profile formed as a result of sidetracking in strings with a diameter of 146 and 168 mm, with the formation of a horizontal section in the new profile of about 300 m. The cut-out of the process window was carried out at a depth of about 2300-2500 m, while the total length of the well was … In addition to production, the pipe was successfully used for 5 stages of multistage hydraulic fracturing, at which the internal pressure reached 700 atm.


- Maintaining tightness of tubing when running into the lateral and ensuring stable performance of multi-stage fracturing.


- Supply of 88.9 x 6.45 mm pipe with TMK UP PF premium connection.



- 5 stages of multistage hydraulic fracturing were provided. CASE STUDY TMK UP PF thread profile is about 3250 m.


The run of the pipe string was carried out under the supervision of TMK supervisors. Tightness and correct assembly were monitored according to the schedule with the registration of the moment. The average speed of running was 24 pipes per hour. The assembly speed of one connection was 45 seconds. The total number of pipes that were run in hole was 263 pieces. The average time spent on the assembly of one connection, taking into account all process operations, was 2 minutes 30 seconds. According to the results of pressure testing (115 atm., holding time - 10 minutes), it was concluded that the pipe string was tight.

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