Threaded Connections
TMK UP Series



Pro Series

Range: 2-3/8 13-3/8’’ / 60,32 339,72 mm

Unique Feature

  • Sealability envelope equal to 100% of pipe body strength
  • Fastest assembling premium connection

Thread Profile

  • Hooked thread profile with negative load flank eliminates thread jump-out
  • Close fitting thread minimizes movement within the connection and transfer of load onto the seal and shoulder under compression
  • Thread root and crest are parallel to the pipe axis which results in deep and easy stabbing
  • Optimized thread profile offers robust galling resistance
  • Reduced cross threading
  • Increased bending capacity

Metal-to-Metal Seal

  • Sphere and cone gas-tight seal
  • Tested and validated under API 5C5 CAL IV at 100% of pipe body strength


  • Unique shoulder design resists compressive loads through controlled elastic deformation due to its length
  • Large contact area at the pin nose and shoulder interface provide the connection with extreme torque and compression capacity
  • Additional sealing barrier

TMK UP Centum thread connection may not be interchangeable within the same pipe diameter with different wall thicknesses. In this case, the use of a sub is required when assembling pipes.
The compatibility table (interchangeability) for all sizes is presented in REPS (table 1). 

Connection Datasheet Generator Blanking Dimensions

Connection Datasheet Generator

Blanking Dimensions